You Should Know When Not To Engage With Lawyers


I regularly stress the importance of engaging a lawyer to represent you if you happen to face prosecution for a motoring offence.

But to be honest, there are a few offences that probably usually do not warrant a solicitor’s involvement.

It can be simply uneconomical to pay for legal services to challenge a matter that involves a potential fine and no other penalty. That’s the reason for this.

So, when should you really represent yourself or simply stump up the cash? That depends on what kind of offence you are involved in.

When to engage a lawyer

There are four categories of motoring offences worth considering:

1. Fine only

2. Endorseable offences (those attracting penalty points)

3. Offences carrying a mandatory disqualification

4. Imprisonable offences

Without doubt, it is recommended to engage a lawyer if facing the possibility of a prison sentence, not least to ensure you be given a fair penalty if pleading guilty.

Where you are in danger of a driving disqualification or revocation, I would personally again propose that engaging a lawyer would be a sensible move.

When you ought to go it alone

Fixed-penalty-only offence, then my advice is to adopt a DIY stance, in case the offence is really a non-endorseable.

There are several offences attracting either a £50 or £100 fine but no penalty points. For example:

Failing to comply with box junction markings

If you are caught in the middle of a yellow box, then if you do not were moving into the box due to an emergency vehicle needing to pass, there isn’t much of a defence and you may be better off just paying up.

Motorway offences (including stopping a car on the hard shoulder)

Stopping on the hard shoulder of the motorway is reserved for temporary breakdowns and never to simply pull over and have a picnic.

Sounding your horn

Your horn is there to warn other road users of your presence but only while your car is moving. The Highway Code clearly states that you should never sound your horn aggressively. You must not make use of horn while stationary on the highway or when driving in the built-up area between the hours of 11.30pm and 7am, except when another vehicle poses a danger.

Failure to wear a seat belt while driving

Thankfully the habit of not wearing a seatbelt has become far less common than 30 years ago. I’m unsure if the creation of a fine is the thing that stamped this out or maybe the many video images of crash test dummies flying through the windscreen when not wearing a seatbelt. If you don’t buckle up these days, in either case, you really do have to be a dummy.

Opening your vehicle door in order to cause injury/danger

This is something that affects cyclists every year. In the event you, as a motorist, fail to make sure that blind spot when opening your car door, you could face a fine.

Driving a vehicle without having a valid MOT

Up from £60 previously should you be found to have been driving without a valid MOT you could face a set penalty fine of £100. The only defence available to the MOT offence is where you can prove you were driving to some pre-booked garage appointment to obtain your MOT done. And if you don’t have an updated MOT it could invalidate your car or truck insurance and that means you could arguably be accused of the a lot more serious offence of driving without insurance. The fixed penalty fine for driving without insurance is £300 and six points on your licence. Or you could be utilized to court for no insurance where penalty is six to eight points on your licence, a maximum £5,000 fine, and you could be disqualified from driving.

Matters of principle

My team and so i are always pleased to provide free initial advice to motorists facing prosecution for many motoring offences.

However, it really is highly likely we will counsel you to go it alone in the event the offence is punishable through a fine only.

That said, some clients wish to challenge an allegation no matter what the cost and benefit.

So, perhaps the best way of producing my point is with a saying famous in the legal profession: Principles are a lawyer’s best friend.

Tradition makes the car

I’ll never forget that spring day in 1989 when my dad pulled up the driveway together with his brand new Nissan 300ZX. It was actually white with T-tops and a futuristic voice that would remind us when “fuel level is low,” and “parking break is on.” I had never experienced a sports vehicle before, and also the rush I felt when my father took my brother and me out for a ride over the shore using the music blasting made me think that the coolest kid on the planet. That very car became my older brother’s first car, and then when he visited college, it became mine. By the time I graduated high school graduation in 1997, the car was practically antique but still definitely very sexy.

DTLA 1-1

Nissan is part of a rich tradition in excellence. That is only the tip of the iceberg, although their designs continuously impress and move the automotive industry forward. If we just work together, not merely has Nissan come up with inspired and exciting designs again and again, they are also a front runner in producing a diverse collection of power efficient cars that are meant to help save you, a potential buyer, money on gas, all while promoting the notion that a cleaner environment is within our reach. To me, one of the most impressive vehicle in the new, 2015 armada of Nissans is the hybrid Pathfinder. It represents the very best of all worlds because it gives you the power and room you need to go just about anywhere you will find a road (or otherwise not), but it also gives the freedom of fuel efficiency! It is the ideal vehicle to get a family vacation or a road trip up the California coast.

DTLA 1-2

It’s very inspiring and nice to visualize what the brilliant people at Nissan should come up next, but for now, we have so much to select from. What they have right now could easily blow away my old family car in every respect imaginable, though nissan continues to be paving the way with their latest iteration of your sports car. The all-new 350Z is the flagship vehicle, together with good reason. It really is laser fast and handles better than anything you’ve ever driven, unless you’re considering a Bentley. Well… congratulations and well done if you’re one of those people.

DTLA 1-3

You would be doing yourself a disservice to go anywhere other than Glendale Nissanhttp if you are in the midst of a new or used car search or because downtown is THE place to go to get your new Nissan. If you make the proper purchase, your new car could become the one which safely ushers all of your kids through high school graduation and beyond, who knows. I realize that trying to find a new car can be a stressful process, but with the right dealership and the right cars, everything becomes simply old fun!

This Cheating Fuel Test By A Manufacturer Could Be Awesome

Petrol costs on Continent

A Brussels-based transport pressure group has accused car manufacturers of cheating the device in a bid to meet emission targets and trick motorists into buying their vehicles.

Transport & Environment (T&E), which can be promoting sustainable policies within the sector, said motorists are having to spend up to a quarter more on petrol than official fractional co2 figures suggest.

New figures claim that a normal new car sold in Europe last year was included with carbon dioxide emissions of 127g/km, which means motorists should be able to drive a distance of 56.5 miles per gallon of petrol.

This would claim that car manufacturers have already exceeded the 130g/km target set for 2015.

Tricks to boost mpg

T&E’s own research found that the true average is far lower, around 45 miles per gallon.

The campaign group said this is achieved by a selection of tricks.

Included in this are taping over gaps within the panel to lessen wind resistance, using ultra-low-friction oils in the gearbox or engine, and angling the wheels to reduce the quantity of tyre which happens to be in contact with the path.

TNO, a Dutch test organisation, learned that these methods are being used while the test vehicle will be driven to ascertain its road load curve.

The data, which is linked to the testing-laboratory’s rolling road, is then entered a computer programme, and the lower-than-normal road load curve brings about better CO2 and mpg figures.

‘Standards being undermined’

In a statement, T&E’s clean vehicles manager Greg Archer said: Fuel efficiency standards…are being undermined by an obsolete test.

The test procedures are a Swiss cheese, filled with loopholes, that car makers exploit to exaggerate improvements in fuel emissions and economy.

The European Commission now wants to introduce a new test within three years’ time which it really is hoped will more closely reflect real-world driving.

However, the proposals are being opposed by car companies, which do not want the new test to be introduced until after 2021 – when they must reduce co2 emissions of most new cars to around 95g/km or risk being fined.

One way to avoid prosecution over CO2 emission would be for manufacturers to sellfractional co2 and can be used to offset any sales more CO2-producing cars.

Car Stereo Turning Know Is Coming Back


Recently, dashboard touch screens and center-console unified “multifunction” control knobs have become all the rage. Which in many cases means a fashion trend that infuriates practically everyone. Would like to tune a radio station or find the seat heater in a brand-new car? Figure on knob-jogging or finger-poking your way through up to five separate steps.

Based on what we should saw with the New York auto show, it looks like the tide may be turning. More and more new cars have restored or bravely retained a discrete radio-tuning knob and other physical buttons to activate popular audio, climate, and other must-have functions. Glancing around at some very new cars, we were struck by the sensible simplicity of the manual audio controls within the 2015 Hyundai Sonata, certainly one of several new vehicles using a rotary radio-tuning knob located where it must be, to the lower right in the display screen. Others current notables include the Mazda CX-9, Nissan Rogue, Subaru Legacy, Toyota Highlander, and Volkswagen Passat. Chevrolet provides fairly simple, intuitive controls for several years.

Acura MDX

Many systems that use menu screens, either touch-based or knob-activated, impose a delay after you start the engine while the system initializes. Do I need to see a Ford logo or Acura ELS audio screen for 10 seconds or so? I know I bought a Ford or an Acura, thank you. So before you can see where the radio is set, for example, you have to stare at an electronic logo or legal disclaimer for a few seconds. In some instances, at least, it is possible to usually turn on the seat and steering wheel heaters via traditional physical buttons while you’re waiting.

Who hasn’t got the content yet? Lots of the laggards are some pretty high-end cars, such as those from Cadillac, Jaguar, and Land Rover. Mainstream offenders include Honda and a lot of Fords. No less than Mercedes, BMW and Audi-Benz let you use their controller as a tuning knob through stations with good receptions or as being an old fashion knob.

It can be argued that BMW started this whole unified-control revolution with its notorious iDrive system back in 2002. About every year since then they’ve tried to undo the damage they caused, even while most other luxury brands followed them on the cliff. Many iterations of iDrive later, it’s now almost easy to use compared to newfangled systems from competitors. Although it can be frustrating to the uninitiated, once the iDrive logic is grasped, it’s doable. It facilitates several shortcuts through steering wheel mounted thumbwheels which will help. Recent BMWs, provide some actual, physical, station buttons that could be programmed for radio presets. If you find the right menu and choose Manual which takes some digging, the center knob can be used as a rotary tuning knob.

As for MyFordTouch as well as the Cadillac CUE system, we’ve almost run through our ink budget denouncing their inherent user-unfriendliness. To be truly more comfortable with those systems, you really should have joint degrees from MIT and the Juilliard School of Music. The first will give you the technical know-the way to understand the menu structures, whilst the latter can help you develop the finger dexterity required to locate the right touch buttons. (Read: 5 factors to consider in a car infotainment system.)

Like BMW, they haven’t yet crafted a good system but just produced a bad system less bad, though it’s true that Ford has made numerous attempts to improve on the initial MyFordTouch design. Cadillac’s CUE still seems to be behind the eight-ball, as it were. Besides, beingslow and clumsy, and complex, it brings other vexations. At least with our CTS sedan, for instance, once you shift into reverse the radio volume reduces. Before you get the sound back, You’ve got to be rolling forward again.

Despite those specific discontents, it looks just like the car industry as a whole is actually thinking about user-friendliness again. With luck, we’ll soon have cars whose creature comforts are as easy to understand while they were 25 years ago. Based on our initial experience, even that isn’t a slam dunk, even though perhaps Apple’s CarPlay could be the answer.

Winning with Nissan


If you’ve never owned a Nissan and it’s time to start looking for your car, Nissan might not be the producer that jumps out to you first. While makers like Chevrolet and Ford seem like classics that can’t be beat, it’s undeniable that Nissan has a respectably sized following of its own. So, why are people flocking searching for Corona Nissan and flocking to dealerships to locate these cars?


The thing that creates Nissans stand so far above is the levels of competition are their reliability. Nissans are recognized to frequently last well past the 100,000 mile mark. If it’s a Nissan, a driver can put as many miles as necessary on a car and not need to worry it won’t last or it will wear the car down. They’re frequently said to be the enemy of mechanics since they create so little business for repair shops. If you’re seeking a car that you could count on, Nissans are right up your alley. With long lives, they’re an automobile that you can enjoy new and drive for a long time too.

Nissans are reliable from a lot of different perspectives. Not only will you put a lot of miles about them, you can expect that they can won’t have mechanical issues either. Nissans are known to go a very long time, by most car standards, with out mechanical difficulties. Like oil changes and tire rotations, a Nissan is sure to last a very long time, as long as you take the time to be sure your car receives routine maintenance and checkups. Many people will get decades from a brand new Nissan. If you’re someone who doesn’t always want the newest model car and only wants one that works well and might be relied upon, look into the Nissans at

Audi A3 is A Shard Sedan Now


Audi has redesigned the Audi A3 for the 2015 model year, focusing on a sedan variant for this generation. From the outside, the recast A3 is almost indistinguishable from its more expensive A4 sibling. It’s a handsome car with traditional Audi styling cues, just rendered just a little smaller. The A3 competes with other entry-level luxury cars, such as the Mercedes-Benz CLA. But unlike the disappointing CLA, the A3 is fairly representative of the brand experience.

There are three four-cylinder engines available: the base 1.8T, 2. TDI (diesel), and 2.0T. Front-wheel drive is standard, with optional Quattro all-wheel drive. Starting at $29,900, bi-xenonleather and headlights, and panoramic sunroof are standard equipment on all trims. The hatchback will return with a choice of plug and diesel-in hybrid powertrains. The rented press car we sampled has a sticker price of $37,195, and it is equipped with the 220 horsepower, 2.-liter turbo engine,navigation and Quattro, upgraded voice control, heated seats, aluminum style pack, and iPod interface cable.

If you’ve driven any recent Audis, the A3 delivers a familiar experience, having a firm-yet-compliant ride, agile handling, and ample oomph from your turbo engine. In the A3, it’s coupled to a well-behaved automated manual. My only wish would be that the A3 was available in a true stick shift. The engine is comparable to the one within the Volkswagen Jetta GLI we tested a couple of years ago. In mixed driving, the trip computer shows us getting about 28 mpg.

A compact car, the A3 shares a platform using the coming new Volkswagen Golf. The back seat is rather tight, though the cabin is roomy enough for four passengers and the front seats are incredibly comfortable.

Interior quality is nice, but some materials are hard plastic, like those more typically found in VWs. Reminiscent of the Audi TT, the vents are now surrounded by large circular metal bezels that can be twisted to open and close them-a nice touch.

Audi’s multimedia interface is about the same as it has been for several years. It’s nice that the screen stores within the dash and it is completely hidden from view when the car is off or if you choose to turn the device off. Some switches have replaced buttons; I love that change but it’s mostly superficial. The one thing that hasn’t changed and should is the fact that dial scrolls backward when you’re looking to select a radio station or possibly a phone contact on screen. That’s incorrect, even though you would assume that turning the wheel clockwise would move the selector down and counter-clockwise would move it up. The operation is only the opposite, making the selector counterintuitive. Too bad Audi still doesn’t provide USB ports and insists on using a proprietary music interface plug, which requires developing a different dongle for each plug type.

The A3 can be a genuine Audi, in a small package. It is meant to attract younger buyers whom the Audi brand has passed by due to an escalating entry price.

The A3 is just hitting dealerships now. Stay tuned as we test our own car in the weeks ahead.

Unlocking a Treasure Trove of Useful Data from Your Car


First, baby? Listed Here AreThis is 2014. Isn’t it time your car was as smart as your phone? Actually, it is actually. Your vehicle generates a ton of data and most of us don’t are aware of it. With the right hardware and apps, you may use that data to save gas, find in which you parked, as well as diagnose those pesky check engine lights.

What You’ll Get

Most cars since the early 80s have some form of aboard diagnostics (OBD). Any vehicle made or imported to the US after January 1st, 1996 was legally required to have an OBD-II-compliant computer. Fortunately your home is in the future., although before the age of smartphones, there really wasn’t much you could potentially do with that information without expensive equipment

Thanks to all of the data your car or truck generates, you may track almost everything with an app on your phone, to make you an improved driver (as well as save some money). Listed here are just a few of the things you can do:

Track gas efficiency: Lots of us brake too hard, accelerate too quickly, or speed too much and our fuel efficiency suffers for this. Apps like Automatic and Dash will let you know when you really need to ease up. They can also tell you exactly how much each trip costs, placing an (estimated) dollar amount directly alongside each trip.1

Locate where you parked: Both Automatic and Dash save where you were when you turned your car off. You can even use Dash to obtain Google Maps directions straight back to where you parked. It’s probably overkill for locating your car at the mall, but anyone who’s ever tried to navigate a college campus the first time at night will appreciate the choice.

Decode the check engine light: The check engine light can mean regarding a hundred different things. While it’s no replacement for a proper mechanic, finding out what codes it’s throwing off can be extremely helpful. Many apps that plug in to your OBD can tell you exactly what’s gone wrong and help you find out what you need to do today to fix it.

These are just a couple of examples, however you get the idea-it’s like tracking your exercise with a Fitbit, but for your automobile.

Step One: Install Your OBD Adapter

To get started, you’ll need a Bluetooth adapter for the car. These range in price and there are a variety of numerous hardware features that you might or might not care about. During my own tests, I used this model for a moderate $24 (at the time of this writing), however, some reviewers learned that leaving the unit plugged in would drain battery.

Other, higher priced models such as this one ($69) promise not to drain your vehicle’s battery, in addition to extras like a faster refresh rate-which means live data are often more up-to-date-and extra security measures. It’s also worth noting that one of the apps we’ll discuss later, Automatic, requires its own special OBD adapter.

Once you’ve chosen which adapter you’ll use, it’s very easy to install. Somewhere underneath your dashboard, you’ll find an OBD plug much like the one above. Its location differs on various car models, so check your manual for more information. Once you’ve found it, you can plug the adapter in. Most adapters will have some form of light or sound to indicate that it’s been connected properly. Read the instructions to successfully install the adapter at the proper time during the app’s setup. when you bought your adapter along with an app like Automatic

Step Two: Choose Your Tracking App

There are a number of apps that could track data using your OBD. While we can’t go over every one of them here, we’ll highlight a number of that are worth trying out, according to your use case.

Dash (Free, Android; iOS coming soon)

Dash shines as one of the very useful apps as it’s not only well-designed, nevertheless it supports a wide array of OBD adapters. Presently, it’s Android-only, but iOS users can sign up for a beta that’s due for a full release this year.


Shows real-time data. You can see anything from how fast you’re traveling, how hot your engine is, the voltage of your battery, and a number of other information that many people don’t really care about as you drive.

Maintains trip history. You can see a record of your trips and all the accompanying data, including the length of time the trip was, average mile per gallon, and how much every person trip cost in gas.

Notes where your automobile is parked. When you get away from your car, Dash will make a note of where you parked. If you need help finding your car later (hello amusement parks), you can tap the location in Dash to obtain Google Maps directions to the vehicle.


Still mostly Android-only. While you can sign up for an invite on the iOS beta, you won’t get in immediately and there’s no timeline beyond sometime this year for a full release if you’re not on Google’s platform.

Hardware may be wonky. Because Dash doesn’t have its own adapter (unlike Automatic), you’re on your own to find the one that works. Dash is designed to be used consistently, though this is true for most apps we’ll feature. Dependant upon your vehicle, you might need to spend extra to get one that won’t drain your car’s battery, which could be an inconvenience.

Tips to Excelling at Your Cat Lady Life

When you’ve given up on the passion for a fellow human, it’s time to consider adopting cats to provide your home with joy and love. And anyone can get one cat or two cats; that may provide some warmth in the depths of February and a few companionship as the years go on. But may we advise a small little something? While two cats can be great, perhaps it’s better to go all-in and get something like six cats – or even seven! Now we’re not suggesting to get all of the cats right away, maybe two to begin with. But then you can be open to adopting other cats that are in need, kittens that are born to a home without the resources to consider them in, or in case you are at the store and they are generally showing pictures of the litter of strays out back, you can bring them in. Yes – to conquer the loneliness blues, you must become a cat lady. But here are some tips to earning it a simple transition.


To start with, litter box placement is extremely important. Also, amount of litter boxes is going to be an issue. You can’t get away with just one single litter box, and you also don’t want that box in the kitchen or even the bathroom. The ideal idea is to get at least two, maybe even 3 or 4, litter boxes and have them all together. You don’t would like them separate locations, you want the cats to consider the one place where the litter boxes to be the one place to go to use the facilities, as it were. A taken care of pantry, or possibly a closet you don’t use. We’ve even seen folks cut a little doorway into the door into a closet to allow the closet door to be closed and easy accessibility litter boxes for the furry friends.


Also, you’ll require a vehicle that may hold the cats and their kitty travel boxes. We were at the Costa Mesa Dodge browsing for cars and we saw one we’d never read about before. After we hummed a little bit of “”Don’t Stop Believing,”” we realized this would be the right car to keep on the kitty travel boxes that are required when you’re taking the gang over to gramma’s house. Look at it online at and we’re sure you’ll agree. While it’s annoying to have to get a new car just to keep up with your cat lady ways, it’s a small price to pay.


Lastly, the best advice is to obtain cats that vary in looks. They will likely actually respond better to the newest guy if it’s not a cat that appears just like they generally do, even though that’s not only to help you easily let them know apart. You’d be surprised how jealous cats can get. They can be a jealous lot! If the older cat sees a brand new friend who looks too much like himself, he’ll get jealous, so when a cat feels such feelings, usually that means he uses the facilities any old place he feels, and ideally on your bed. So don’t let that happen!

How Electric Motors Have Become All Torque


There exists a pronounced difference in the driving experience once you step into an EV the very first time. There is typically no gearbox or transmission. Electric motors differ greatly from internal combustion engines in the way they deliver torque and power, and for the most part, you possess full torque from the instant you mash the accelerator pedal till the motor overheats. It’s as an instant go pedal – there’s no hanging about waiting for the engine to have up to speed, no changing gears, nothing. Unless you’ve driven an EV it’s very difficult to explain what it is like, but the easiest way is this: imagine your vehicle in first gear with the foot flat to the floor. Now believe that acceleration all the way up up to the top level speed from the car without the interruption. But accompanied by an electrical buzz that sounds like a swarm of bees on crack.

An assessment of combustion and electric engine torque and power curves

The graph here will give you a theoretical comparison. The orange plot represents an electrical motor torque curve and also the blue plot represents a power motor power curve. The black plot shows a very high performance internal combustion engine torque curve by comparison. Out of this you can see the total torque from zero of your electric motor as well as the linear power delivery. It’s also interesting to note that a majority of decent petrol engines are spent by about 8000rpm whereas a half-decent EV motor can go as much as 15000rpm or so.

The Thing You Should Know About Used Cars


What with the costs of gas, car insurance and upkeep, more prospective car buyers are shopping smart. They go ahead and take major initial cost of investing in a car and cut it by more than a third – by purchasing a used car from a long list of top makes best better known for theirreliability and safety, fuel efficiency and, affordability.

Used car sign

How to Buy a pre-owned Car

• Read newspaper classifieds, search the Web, visit online forums and message boards, or ask friends concerning their used car experiences.

• Go to the used car dealership to test drive and inspect the car.

• Obtain a vehicle history report.

• Arrange prepurchase inspection of the car by a certified mechanic.

• Assess the car’s actual market value.

• Negotiate a price.

• Get an extended warranty.

The most effective used cars

Judging with a Consumer Reports study that surveyed second hand car owners from 1998-2007, many popular new foreign models also result in top-of-the-line used car experiences for consumers.

Specific models for example the Nissan Altima, Honda Accord and Toyota Camry (aside from the ’07 V6) made the list, as well as glowing reports for more than a half dozen Acura and Lexus models.

Also making a list were European models for example the BMW M3 and Volvo S60, while American models such as the Buick LaCross, Pontiac Vibe, Lincoln Continental and Lincoln Town Car also made a strong showing.

Worst used cars

American makes and models were also some of the worst used cars on the market, in accordance with the same report. Most had a long-standing track record of being lemons that rarely went the space with used car owners.

The worst (their very names alone make sure they are sound like kids’ toys) included the Chevrolet Astro, Chevrolet Blazer, Lincoln Aviator, Oldsmobile Silhouette, and also the Saturn Relay. According to the report, included SUV and 4×4’s makes such as the GMC Jimmy, GMC Safari, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chevrolet S-10, and Chrysler Town & Country, more musts-to-avoid.

(Note: reported troubles using the transmission and enginetransmission, drive and cooling systems were taken into account a lot more than all other problems.)