The Thing You Should Know About Used Cars


What with the costs of gas, car insurance and upkeep, more prospective car buyers are shopping smart. They go ahead and take major initial cost of investing in a car and cut it by more than a third – by purchasing a used car from a long list of top makes best better known for theirreliability and safety, fuel efficiency and, affordability.

Used car sign

How to Buy a pre-owned Car

• Read newspaper classifieds, search the Web, visit online forums and message boards, or ask friends concerning their used car experiences.

• Go to the used car dealership to test drive and inspect the car.

• Obtain a vehicle history report.

• Arrange prepurchase inspection of the car by a certified mechanic.

• Assess the car’s actual market value.

• Negotiate a price.

• Get an extended warranty.

The most effective used cars

Judging with a Consumer Reports study that surveyed second hand car owners from 1998-2007, many popular new foreign models also result in top-of-the-line used car experiences for consumers.

Specific models for example the Nissan Altima, Honda Accord and Toyota Camry (aside from the ’07 V6) made the list, as well as glowing reports for more than a half dozen Acura and Lexus models.

Also making a list were European models for example the BMW M3 and Volvo S60, while American models such as the Buick LaCross, Pontiac Vibe, Lincoln Continental and Lincoln Town Car also made a strong showing.

Worst used cars

American makes and models were also some of the worst used cars on the market, in accordance with the same report. Most had a long-standing track record of being lemons that rarely went the space with used car owners.

The worst (their very names alone make sure they are sound like kids’ toys) included the Chevrolet Astro, Chevrolet Blazer, Lincoln Aviator, Oldsmobile Silhouette, and also the Saturn Relay. According to the report, included SUV and 4×4’s makes such as the GMC Jimmy, GMC Safari, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chevrolet S-10, and Chrysler Town & Country, more musts-to-avoid.

(Note: reported troubles using the transmission and enginetransmission, drive and cooling systems were taken into account a lot more than all other problems.)