Tips to Excelling at Your Cat Lady Life

When you’ve given up on the passion for a fellow human, it’s time to consider adopting cats to provide your home with joy and love. And anyone can get one cat or two cats; that may provide some warmth in the depths of February and a few companionship as the years go on. But may we advise a small little something? While two cats can be great, perhaps it’s better to go all-in and get something like six cats – or even seven! Now we’re not suggesting to get all of the cats right away, maybe two to begin with. But then you can be open to adopting other cats that are in need, kittens that are born to a home without the resources to consider them in, or in case you are at the store and they are generally showing pictures of the litter of strays out back, you can bring them in. Yes – to conquer the loneliness blues, you must become a cat lady. But here are some tips to earning it a simple transition.


To start with, litter box placement is extremely important. Also, amount of litter boxes is going to be an issue. You can’t get away with just one single litter box, and you also don’t want that box in the kitchen or even the bathroom. The ideal idea is to get at least two, maybe even 3 or 4, litter boxes and have them all together. You don’t would like them separate locations, you want the cats to consider the one place where the litter boxes to be the one place to go to use the facilities, as it were. A taken care of pantry, or possibly a closet you don’t use. We’ve even seen folks cut a little doorway into the door into a closet to allow the closet door to be closed and easy accessibility litter boxes for the furry friends.


Also, you’ll require a vehicle that may hold the cats and their kitty travel boxes. We were at the Costa Mesa Dodge browsing for cars and we saw one we’d never read about before. After we hummed a little bit of “”Don’t Stop Believing,”” we realized this would be the right car to keep on the kitty travel boxes that are required when you’re taking the gang over to gramma’s house. Look at it online at and we’re sure you’ll agree. While it’s annoying to have to get a new car just to keep up with your cat lady ways, it’s a small price to pay.


Lastly, the best advice is to obtain cats that vary in looks. They will likely actually respond better to the newest guy if it’s not a cat that appears just like they generally do, even though that’s not only to help you easily let them know apart. You’d be surprised how jealous cats can get. They can be a jealous lot! If the older cat sees a brand new friend who looks too much like himself, he’ll get jealous, so when a cat feels such feelings, usually that means he uses the facilities any old place he feels, and ideally on your bed. So don’t let that happen!