Tradition makes the car

I’ll never forget that spring day in 1989 when my dad pulled up the driveway together with his brand new Nissan 300ZX. It was actually white with T-tops and a futuristic voice that would remind us when “fuel level is low,” and “parking break is on.” I had never experienced a sports vehicle before, and also the rush I felt when my father took my brother and me out for a ride over the shore using the music blasting made me think that the coolest kid on the planet. That very car became my older brother’s first car, and then when he visited college, it became mine. By the time I graduated high school graduation in 1997, the car was practically antique but still definitely very sexy.

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Nissan is part of a rich tradition in excellence. That is only the tip of the iceberg, although their designs continuously impress and move the automotive industry forward. If we just work together, not merely has Nissan come up with inspired and exciting designs again and again, they are also a front runner in producing a diverse collection of power efficient cars that are meant to help save you, a potential buyer, money on gas, all while promoting the notion that a cleaner environment is within our reach. To me, one of the most impressive vehicle in the new, 2015 armada of Nissans is the hybrid Pathfinder. It represents the very best of all worlds because it gives you the power and room you need to go just about anywhere you will find a road (or otherwise not), but it also gives the freedom of fuel efficiency! It is the ideal vehicle to get a family vacation or a road trip up the California coast.

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It’s very inspiring and nice to visualize what the brilliant people at Nissan should come up next, but for now, we have so much to select from. What they have right now could easily blow away my old family car in every respect imaginable, though nissan continues to be paving the way with their latest iteration of your sports car. The all-new 350Z is the flagship vehicle, together with good reason. It really is laser fast and handles better than anything you’ve ever driven, unless you’re considering a Bentley. Well… congratulations and well done if you’re one of those people.

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You would be doing yourself a disservice to go anywhere other than Glendale Nissanhttp if you are in the midst of a new or used car search or because downtown is THE place to go to get your new Nissan. If you make the proper purchase, your new car could become the one which safely ushers all of your kids through high school graduation and beyond, who knows. I realize that trying to find a new car can be a stressful process, but with the right dealership and the right cars, everything becomes simply old fun!