The Best New Sports Cars on the Market Today

There’s no surer way to get the pulse of the auto enthusiast racing than to show them a sleek and sexy sports car. Driving machines like these have for ages been coveted by an elite class of drivers who long for the exceptional experience behind the wheel. Using their luxurious interiors, to their responsive handling, sports cars are meant to cradle the driver in comfort while pushing the boundaries of the roadways. While some sports vehicle aficionados claim the best events of automobile design are behind us, we believe there are many millennial models that happen to be truly a cut over the rest. Here are some of the best and brightest sports cars of the new millennium

2016 Jaguar F-Type Coupe


Jaguar is one of the most legendary names in sports vehicle history, and it’s clear and understandable why. In excess of 90 years, the company is leading the way in revolutionary car design. They’ve been in charge of putting many of the most alluring models we’ve ever seen on the road, with drivers lining up for the chance to take one to get a spin. Most recently, their F-Type models have been drawing major attention. This powerful, agile machine has been tweaked and perfected since its first generation, arriving at flawless fruition with the 2016 Coupe model. The F-Type is classic sports car design, reimagined for that 21st century. Its lightweight aluminum body is made for rounding hairpin turns at high speed. The F-Type’s 3-liter V6 340-horsepower supercharged engine is built being both powerful and efficient. Using its sensuous design and handling, we think the 2016 F-Type Coupe is sure to set the standard for sports cars in the modern age.

2015 Alfa Romeo 4C


The 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C is a nod for the glory days of this Italian automobile giant. After almost 30 years from the American market, the Alfa’s parent company, Fiat, has returned for the States within a new partnership with Chrysler and a stellar selection of bright new designs. The 4C delivers Ferrari-level performance and thrill for only a fraction of the cost. Its remarkable power-to-weight ratio makes for a remarkably agile machine. Passionate American drivers have already been waiting for these beauties hitting the market for more than a year, and now the wait is finally over. Our friends at Los Angeles fiat have obtained their first shipment of 4Cs, therefore we couldn’t be a little more thrilled. You are able to stop by right now to take one for a spin. We promise, you won’t be disappointed.

2015 Aston Martin V8 Vantage


If you’re looking forexclusivity and glamour, and extraordinary power all rolled into one, check out the 2015 Aston Martin V8 Vantage. The Vantage is perhaps one of the most powerful performers around the contemporary sports car market today, with its rip-roaring 430-horsepower, 4.7-liter V8 engine that may go from -62 mph in under five seconds. Using a handsome exterior and exquisite cabin, the Vantage is speed, grace, and fluidity embodied.

Working With A Change Automatic Tranmission Fluid and Filter on 1966 Mustang


You jump in your car and notice that is feels like it is slipping out of gear or shifting in and out of neutral. What could the problem be? One problem may be that the transmission fluid and filter need to be changed.

In this tutorial, you will learn the steps to do this yourself. We are changing the fluid and filter on a 1966 Mustang. Other automatic transmissions are similar, but may vary on make and model on car.
Step 1: Watch Video
Step 2: Raise Car
Jack car or place on lift. If using a jack, use jack stands to secure car. Never craw under a car with only a jack holding it up.

Step 3: Counts Transmission Pan Bolts
Count the number of bolts holding the transmission pan on. Give parts store the motor you have and the number of bolts holding the pan on. 11, 15, or 17.

Step 4: Transmission Fluid
Buy 4 to 5 quarts of Type F transmission fluid.

Step 5: Place Drain Pan Under Car
Place drain pan under transmission pan. (Wearing gloves will keep you much cleaner.)

Step 6: Drain Fluid
Loosen one side of transmission pan to allow fluid to drain.

Step 7: Remove Transmission Pan
Remove all 11 bolts and remove holding pan and remove pan.

Step 8: Remove Transmission Filter
Remove 1 7/16 inch and 8 5/16 inch bolts holding filter in and remove filter.

Step 9: Remove Gasket
Remove gasket. This may require a gasket scraper.

Step 10: Inspect Transmission Pan
Inspect pan for any highs. Hammer and dolly highs level if you find any.

Step 11: Install New Transmission Filter
Install filter using a cross or star pattern.

Step 12: Install Transmission Pan
Place grease on flange of transmission pan to hold gasket in place. Then Install transmission pan using a cross or star pattern. (12-16 ft. lbs)

Step 13: Lower Car
Remove drain pan and lower car off of jack stands.

Step 14: Add Transmission Fluid
Add 4 quarts of Type F transmission fluid.

Step 15: Start Your Engine
Start engine and allow idling to warm up. Check for leaks then re-check dip stick. If low add more transmission fluid.

You Will Need:
Watch The Video
½ inch Socket, Ratchet, and Extension
7/16 inch Socket
5/16 inch Socket
Replacement Filter
Replacement Transmission Pan Gasket
4 to 5 Quarts Type F Transmission Fluid
Drain Pan
Gasket Scraper

November 2013 Editor’s Letter Talks About Who Doesn’t Love To See The Underdog Win?


I have got to confess, we expected the worst. After building our Jaguar XFR we had been full of confidence, but seeing it parked next to the BMW M5 with its manual transmission and all that pedigree it brings, I honestly thought we’d aimed too high. The Jag is a great car but I’d already composed the excuses in my head about why our car had finished a distant second.

After prolonged, intensive and extended development, our drive in the hills around LA was the first time I’d driven the vehicle and it would also be the last. The very overnight it was stripped, returned to stock and it is out there featuring its new owner who probably wonders why it feels so quick – we left them a small surprise!

Yet through the instant the 5. V8 fired, I knew we’d created something rather special. It was the GSR exhaust that got the spine tingling first and so i advise you to view our video at to learn just how good it sounded. A similar exhaust system may be yours if you contact the tuner…

The exhaust note wasn’t going to win the battle, and yet the first time I turned-directly into carve a canyon, I again understood this wasn’t your average XFR. The relatively simple changes of sports spring rates and grippy 21 tires on Vorsteiner’s lightweight wheels had done the unimaginable, though admittedly, the stock car is a great foundation to build upon. We’d built a car to rival the M5. Turn the pages on the main story and you’ll see that we beat the BMW in a number of aspects.

Now admittedly, it wasn’t a level playing field. We had been testing our tuned car against a stock BMW. With the same sort of mods in the M5, I’m sure the actual end result would have been closer to our original predictions. And yet, there’s an area the M5 can’t aspire to win – appearance. No matter what you do, the Jaguar is a prettier car, even with no well-placed Vorsteiner carbon pieces.

All we have now left are the photos – hopefully you saw our studio pics last month? – but it is a car we’ll certainly remember for a very long time.

Good times

Sometimes it’s hard to convince people we don’t actually have the very best job in the world – not enough staff and unrealistic deadlines see to that – but a couple of days using the new S-Class and a track day within the new 435i take some beating.

Yet for all the great stuff we do, driving through an obstacle course in a Boeing 747 for the Range Rover Sport launch probably will always be from the top ten best things we’ve done. Again, the video is in so that you can share the event. It was able to upstage the off-road course we’d tackled the day before, which was equally memorable but almost forgotten as soon as our 21 tires hit the metal ramp and we ascended into the belly of the Jumbo.

Aired out

Another memorable event this month was taking part in our suspension test. It’s something I’d been trying to coordinate for years without success, as well as something I’ve never seen any place else. Yet a conversation with Ben Terry at AccuAir quickly got it organized and the effects are in this issue.

Air suspension has polarized the European tuning scene, with traditionalists being suspicious of it. Yet it’s hard to overlook the advantages of being able to affect the ride height to clear obstacles. So, we finally got two identical cars together, each using the very latest technology through the coilover and air suspension sides in the business.

I won’t spoil the outcome, but please choose the feature to read the final results. We were scientific in your approach, utilizing the same test MotorTrend puts brand-new cars through. But the most crucial aspect was always going to be the seat in the pants. How could each car feel, where would each system come with an advantage?

Well, the results will be in and both technologies have something to provide driving enthusiasts, as well as the stance crowd. So even if you hate the idea of air suspension, please read the story with an open mind.

How Much Can You Really Afford to Spend on Your Car

It can be pretty an easy task to get carried away when you buy a new car but it’s crucial that you don’t escape your depth. If you calculate your buying budget and stick to it before you hit the auto showroom then you’ll be much less likely to gain access to financial difficulty.

So, how much is it possible to really afford to spend on a whole new car?

A showroom full of shiny motors can be pretty tempting but it’s vital that you don’t let your heart run way ahead of your face in this sort of situation. The car which really sets your heart on fire could also be the one which breaks the lender.


When you go shopping for a new car you take both your heart and your head with you – a dangerous combination at the very best of times. Before getting carried away on a test drive and signing your excellent credit history away on the dotted line, it is essential that you calculate your exact budget. You could feel that it’s worth the buying price of living on water and bread for the next several months but you’ll soon tire of that – believe me.

There’s a lot more expense involved when buying a new car than the sticker price about the windshield. Here are some things which you need to think about when budgeting for any new car.


ZIP Code – the calculations for taxes and financial rates change from zip code to zip code so don’t forget to budget in any one of these often significant extras.

Monthly Repayment – this should include everything you should pay for the motor on a monthly basis, taking into account tax, registration fees, title etc. You are recommended that these payments don’t exceed 20% of your monthly, after tax income. Remember that there’s also gas, insurance and maintenance to think about.

Loan Term – the shorter the term of your loan the larger the repayments will be but the sooner the money will likely be repaid. Although it may be tempting to go for the maximum loan term possible this isn’t always a good idea. Choose a loan term which you can comfortably afford to repay and try not to exceed 60 months. When your car ages it gets more psychologically difficult to justify making payments on a motor which is far away from “”new”” any more.

If you have a car to trade in against a new vehicle you may want to consider putting the need for it with the dealer against the price of your brand-new car, worth of Trade-In -. The truth is that you will likely get a higher price for your personal used motor if you sell it off privately which would enable you to use a reduced loan amount. You will find benefits, however to having an old car as a trade-in. It is certainly a far easier option both during the transfer and in the future should anything go wrong with all the car you have sold. Of course if there is still money outstanding on your old car you must take that into account too.


Cash Down Payment – it’s smart to put down a large a cash deposit as you can possibly afford. Aim for at least a 20% deposit that can reduce the dimensions of the loan amount and hence the monthly repayments.

If you are looking for the new jeep san juan capistrano carries a terrific selection, in fact they have a terrific selection of many types of car. Check out their site at to see what motors you can comfortably afford.

Do You Know How Your Teens Are Driving?

Every parent wishes to believe her or his child always follows the rules and obeys the law. This includes the rules of the road. A whole new study from State Farm reveals that’s not the case.

A survey of 500 parents and 500 teen drivers showed parents overestimate how much teens obey traffic laws and teen driving restrictions.


Teens most often break two key provisions of Graduated Driver Licensing laws:

Nighttime driving: Sixty-nine percent of parents believe their teen drivers almost always follow restrictions while less than half (48 percent) of teens say they routinely follow this law. Find your state’s teen driver nighttime restrictions here.

Passenger restrictions: Teen passengers are some of the most dangerous distractions teen drivers face. Seventy percent of parents believe their teen drivers almost always obey their state’s passenger restrictions. Only 43 percent of teen drivers say they obey the state’s passenger laws. Find your state’s passenger restrictions for teens here.

The research also showed parents assume their teens do not follow state laws because of peer pressure. Teens say they break laws as they do not fear being caught by police in actuality.

Thankfully, teens and parents agree texting while driving is very dangerous. Seventy-two percent of teens said they almost always obey texting ban laws – substantially higher than any other teen driving law or restriction. Eighty-two percent of parents think their teen drivers obey texting laws.